Shimon Dotan’s “The Settlers” Disinvited from Syracuse Campus

Filmmaker Shimon Dotan was first invited to screen his documentary “The Settlers” at a film festival on the Syracuse campus, only to have the invitation withdrawn by a professor in the Syracuse English Dept., who cited fear of pressure from campus BDS activists.  The incident was first reported in The Atlantic, and subsequently reported in the Israeli press.   Right wing outlet Arutz Sheva had a particularly good time with the story — pointing out that “left wing documentarian” Dotan was a victim of BDS “run amok” — his film is an “unsympathetic portrayal” of the settlers that “largely overlooks the complexities of a diverse and dynamic population…”
It would be interesting to hear directly from the BDS organizers at Syracuse to see if this is the result they would have wished for.
PS:  Syracuse U. works to reverse decision, prof apologizes again.
Haaretz review of the film.