Bet Ommar: A raid, a killing, a funeral

A Palestinian man was killed in Bet Ommar early Thursday, an event widely reported in the media. The mayor of Bet Ommar, Nasri Sabarna, is one of Holy Land’s central characters. Reports indicate that Falah Abu Maria, 53, was fatally shot during a night-time Israeli military operation in the town, which is near Hebron, within the Israeli settlement bloc of Gush Etzion. Abu Maria is the third Palestinian to be killed in clashes with the IDF this month.

As usual, coverage reflects each platform’s ideological leaning. Haaretz (subscription required) quotes Palestinian witnesses: “According to Palestinian eyewitnesses, IDF forces shot Abu Maria’s son Mohammed in the pelvis during the initial confrontation. A confrontation between Abu Maria and the soldiers ensued after he attempted to help his son, and was reportedly shot in the chest at close range. ‘”

The Jewish Press reports: “2nd Violet Arab Rioter Dies After Attacking IDF Soldiers.” The Press’s account describes a chaotic scene in which soldiers entered the village looking for “A Wanted PA Arab fugitive,” got involved in a fracas with the residents, during which a Palestinian was wounded and then taken out of the town in an ambulance. The remaining soliders were then surrounded and attacked, the report states. The Press continues: “Another soldier provided cover fire to allow the unit to safely leave the area. In the melee, one of the violent rioters who were attacking the soldiers was shot and killed. The suspect, meanwhile, managed to escape custody.”