February 27, 2012 Nabi Saleh

We walked down the concrete stairs. The loud, rhythmic ca chunk ca chunk ca chunk got louder.  The perfume in the air was the unmistakable smell of ink.
We entered the large factory floor.  And there were the Heidelberg Speedmaster presses, arrayed in industrial rows, rolling and stamping and stacking.  We were in the press room in the basement of a Ramallah newspaper, a printing operation that produces a daily morning paper, glossy fashion magazines filled with pictures of beautiful, glamorous Palestinians, and today, the first issue of a magazine called Resist!, the creation of Mohammad Atallah Tamimi.
I don’t want to veer away from non-partisanship, but I don’t mind being partisan about something I love, and that’s a press room. I started in newspapers, so it’s kind of sentimental for me.
So congratulations to Mohammad on his first issue.