Aron Katsof | Esh Kodesh Settler

Aron Katsof grew up in the US and moved to Israel when he was 18. Today he lives in the West Bank settlement outpost of Esh Kodesh, a small outpost in the Samarian Mountains near the larger settlement of Shiloh. Katsof recently built a new house in Esh Kodesh, a permanent structure (as opposed to the trailer homes that house most of the community).  Katsof has planted a vineyard on land near the settlement.

Katsof is active as chief spokesman for Esh Kodesh and as part of an organization that captures video footage of Palestinian or IDF violence against settlers. The Esh Kodesh settlers have clashed with Palestinians from the neighboring villages of Jalud and Qusra.   Other settlers from Esh Kodesh have been arrested and convicted for attacking Palestinians. Esh Kodesh is known as the home base for a number of radical, extremist settlers.

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