Aron Kastsof: Life in Esh Kodesh

Aron Kastof, settler from Esh Kodesh, reflects on life in a West Bank settlement. He talks about who the West Bank conflict, who the settlers are, and how they cope with living in a disputed place where there is the constant risk of sudden violence.


No typical settler
Just like there’s no typical American, I think there’s no typical settler either.
Some are connected to the land, some people work in high-tech, some people are doctors, there’s a lot of doctors here, and in Israel doctors don’t a lot of money, it’s kind of something you do just because you want to save lives. We have builders here, businessmen.

We have to protect them
At the end of the day, we’re all families; we’re all people that are trying to make a living, yet we’re trying to raise kids to live peaceful lives, to new types of lives. We want them to grow up to a peaceful life, but you know at the same time we have to protect them. I’ll send my wife to the store not knowing if her car is going to get shot at. At the village next door to us, in Itamar, you have in the middle of the night, two Arabs kids come in the middle of the night and chop them up, chop up their kids. Who would have believed that would happen?

Safety in numbers
I don’t think there are safer settlements or less safe settlements. You have the road at the end. You have safe settlements, where you have terrorist attacks. You have settlements that are supposedly unsafe, and because they are supposedly unsafe people are always alert so you have almost no attacks or no dangerous attacks. You know even if you’re really living in a safe settlement, you have the road to get there, which is very dangerous. It’s much easier targets on the road. You really never know it’s …I think the bottom line is, you know, the more people that are here, the safer it becomes, because the more Israelis driving on the roads, the bigger the settlements are, the safer we’ll be at the end. We’re talking about life and death situations; we’re talking about people dying. Kids losing their parents. Parents losing their kids. And that’s how we live.


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