Mohammad: Growing Up in Palestine

Mohammad Tamimi reflects on life in a family engaged in conflict and in particular the impact of his mother’s strong views.


Popular resistance
The popular resistance… it’s not just me, the entire population, the entire political elite on the Palestinian scene agreed that popular resistance is the best way to confront the Israeli occupation, since the circumstances have changed, the international opinion has changed, the media has changed, so the popular resistance is an ideal fit for this time period.

The cost of resistance
Our village of Nabi Saleh put forward about 17 martyrs through the Palestinian resistance and put forward hundreds of injured and hostages through this time. Nabi Saleh entered the resistance in 1979, coinciding with the beginning of the Halamish settlement. These things were always in my vision, I would always know about it, hear about it through my mother and other people.

The most important person
The most important person who affects a person is their mother because she is always the closest person to them. And from when I was young she would effect me and talk about her experience and her experience with the occupation. At night when the army comes, we start hiding the computers under the mattresses, cameras under the couches. My mom has Facebook now and started logging in. (You have Facebook?) Yeah, she joined the Muslim Brotherhood group and “likes” their comments.

Mother: I go on and practice sometimes.


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