Arson Attack: Near Recent Settler Shooting, Troubled Area

July 31, 2015 Duma, settler, Shilo 0 Comments

The fire bombing of a Palestinian home in the village of Duma — killing a baby and severely injuring his family — comes not long after a settler was shot on a road not far from the the same village, and just days after the Israeli government razed illegal structures near an Israeli settlement. Thus continues the cycle of “price tag” attacks, apparently retaliatory acts of terror committed by extremist settlers.

The area around Duma, not far from the large Israeli settlement of Shilo, has been particularly violent. A few years ago there was an alleged price-tag attack on the mosque in the village of Qusra, and not long after that a man from Qusra was shot and killed by the IDF during a clash on lands near the village. Lands outside of Qusra, and the nearby village of Jalud, have seen repeated clashes between local Palestinians and settlers from nearby Israeli settlement and outposts (many of these settlements are officially considered to be “unauthorized” or “illegal.”

Settlers from the outposts near Qusra are considered to be extremist and many have been arrested by Israeli authorities for previous price tag attacks.

The valleys and hilltops near Duma and around Qusra, Jalud and Shilo have been cultivated with olive orchards and vineyards. They are some of the most beautiful, verdant valleys of the West Bank, in the Samarian Mountains. facing the Jordan Valley to the east.

Much of our film Holy Land was filmed in this area.