Merry Christmas: The Dec. 25th Amona Deadline and Netanyahu’s Calculations


Micah Oved, a young settler from Amona. We interviewed him in 2012.

“…the Netanyahu Doctrine will remain the same: to delay, to postpone, to put things off—and to hope that the world is distracted enough by problems elsewhere to ignore creeping annexation.”  Gershom Gorenberg writes in the American Prospect about the pending deadline for the evacuation of the settlement of Amona, built of private Palestinian land and subject to a Dec. 25 evacuation by Israel’s Supreme Court.   The evacuation raises the possibility of violent settler resistance, and a political backdrop that includes the frightening but looming outright annexation of the West Bank and Palestinian maneuvering for a new Security Council resolution.   We interviewed Amona settler Micah Oved one night in 2012.  Here’s the video.