Kickstarter: A Look Back

April 9, 2013 film, Kickstarter, West Bank

We made it.   Thanks to many, many people I don’t know.   Thanks to many people I’ve known for years.
The rewards are on the way.   Olive oil bottles in shipment from 1-800-OILBOTTLES.   Labels courtesy of Avery (if I can figure out how to run them through my printer).   T-shirts soon to roll off the presses in Yonkers.

In Harlem, the slow steady work of cutting the film goes on.   Now we have some assistants.   I can’t wait to meet them.

Over the next few months, the film will finally take shape.   I think we know where we have to go with it.  I can’t wait to get back into the footage.
Spring.   Perfect time to back into cutting room hibernation.