Hagit Ofran: A High Price

Hagit Ofran of Peace Now speaks about the clash between the dreams of the settlers and the dreams of liberal Zionism. Settlers must be evacuated, even at what she acknowledges is a very “high price.”


Ending occupation
I think that in order for Israel to survive, we need to end occupation and end the settlements. This will mean that the settlers will pay a high price, not only with the need to move to another place, but with giving up on their dream. And I feel very sorry for them.

The 4% is destroying our dreams
But I think that the fact that they are now settling there also affects me. My dream is being destroyed almost every day because we are continuing to occupy. And thousands of Israelis who never went to settle – you know the settlers are about 4% of the Israeli society. And it’s a very small group. And they are fulfilling their dreams on the account of our dreams.

For the greater good
What they are doing in my view is just destroying my country. Destroying my people. Until now they succeed. They flourish, they have settlements. On the other hand they never succeeded in really settling the hearts of the Israelis and outsiders’. And I’m sure – and all the polls show it – that most of the Israelis will be very happy the day that we will have a peace agreement and evict the settlements.


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