The Vibe in Tel Aviv

August 13, 2011 blog 0 Comments

Tel Aviv makes a strong impression. The Rothschild Blvd protests are remarkable: blocks of tents, some tents empty and symbolic, otbers providing shelter to groups of varied protestors in conversation or playing music. But the feeling and vibe of the city is also striking. Even on a sabbath saturday afternoon.

Tel Aviv reminds me of an energized, happening, european city. Like Madrid in the 80s. There is furious building activity everywhere. Many houses and apartment buildings marked for demolition.

This prosperity when everywhere else is caught in economic crisis is remarkable. And it no doubt adds to the tent protester’s anger, struggling to survive with so much growth and affluence around them.

It’s truly hard to believe that the Green Line is only a half hour away, and the problem of the settlements looms so close at hand.