Nasri: The Situation is Boiling

Bet Ommar Mayor Nasri Sabarna talks about regional upheaval, the Israel Palestine conflict and the impact of Israeli policies on Palestinian youth.


The general situation
If we look through the general situation in the Middle East the situation is boiling. In Syria, in Egypt, in Libya, Tunisia, in Iraq, in Yemen. It is not easy. And no one is safe or away from fire. It is a fertile soil for the extremists, for the brainwashers – no negotiations, no peace, no hope, no future. Nothing for the stability of the people in the area.

The endless cycle of revenge
I want you to imagine when they arrest an 8 year old boy. Imagine that. What is the effect on his psychology or personality? Imagine tens of soldiers, jeeps and tanks attack the town to arrest a 12 or 13 year old boy. Imagine that effect on his brothers and his friends. I think how the Israeli government and settlers behave with the Palestinians, I think this affect the behavior of the youth and the children to revenge. And we can add, under occupation, no dignity, humiliated, no future, no hope, no work, nothing. So what are we waiting from those children and young men to do when they have nothing?


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