Aron: A Settler’s World View

Aron Katsof, settler from the Esh Kodesh outpost, explains his basic world view: the significance of the Holy Land to the Jewish people, the history of the Israel Palestine conflict, and how that history justifies his strong belief in a Jewish presence in the West Bank.


Yearning for Jerusalem
For thousands of years, Jews all over the world, their whole yearning was to come back to Jerusalem, to Israel — Jerusalem is the heart of Israel — and to settle the land. Your walk in the streets of Jerusalem today you hear Russian; you hear Jews talking German; you hear them talking English; you hear them talking Spanish; you hear Portuguese; you hear Swedish; you hear French; you hear Jews talking Arabic from all the Arab countries, they all came to Israel somehow. It’s amazing.

Quiet for years
For years it was quiet. For years nobody heard about us, nothing, zero, nobody knew we existed. And then what happened is about a year and a half ago, the army came up and they destroyed Alei Ayin, which is the hilltop [Israeli outpost] that we saw that overlooks Esh Kodesh. Soon as they came to destroy it, the next day already the Arab village came up, to kind of like say, “okay the army destroyed, so it’s ours.” And since then…since the army destroyed that village, there has been a conflict here.

A Jew gets killed
For me to walk down the hilltop right, walk into the village, I’ll get killed. The Jewish country has Arabs in the Knesset, on the Supreme Court you have Arab judges, you have Arab policemen, You could sell houses to Arabs, right? But here if an Arab will sell a house to a Jew, he gets killed.

Not such far history
To come and say there’s a difference between the green line, this side or that side? The Arabs don’t think there’s any difference. To them there is no difference. ’67, not ’67. They don’t care. In 1948…what was 1948? Right? When the UN came and said, okay we will give Israel, you know, this part of land, we’ll give Arabs this part of land. The Arabs didn’t say it was okay. What did they say? They came out to war, and they tried to push all the Jews into the ocean. You learn from history, and not such far history. In Gaza the army left and look what goes on there. As soon as Israel left Hamas took over, right? You have, everyday you have missiles more and more in quantity in quality,

We are getting shot at
So you want to now take that same thing that you did in Gaza but even more and do the same thing in the East Bank, where we can go right now on the hilltops and overlook Tel Aviv?

There is no negotiation under terror. So even if we would want to give certain things, but if we are getting shot at, no such thing as, okay because you shot a missile at my house. Okay, so now I’m going to give you what you want. Because you know what? They are going to shoot another missile.


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